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5 Innovative Products for Seniors

Presently entrepreneurs all over the world are showing interest towards the innovative technologies that are coming up to enrich and enhance the lives of elderly people. Age is something which restricts the capabilities of the people physically as well as mentally. Older people face many problems in their daily lives and there are only a few solutions to these problems. Presently many technologies are coming up and devices are invented to solve those problems of the elderly people. In this article I will discuss about the 5 most innovating products available for the senior citizens.


It is a startup company from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which provides virtual reality or VR experiences to the elderly people in order to eliminate isolation and to provide a stimulating life to them. The elderly people can either participate in group experiences or can control the individual experiences by themselves, which are conducted by the programming team of the company. Rendever has made virtual reality or VR versions for Netflix where a participant can freely choose any kind of experience that he or she wants. The experiences are of different types such as, sports activities, travel activities and educational activities. The company has a partnership with NASA, due to this the participants can experience space travels and can learn different things about spacecraft. It also provides the experience of traveling through different countries and providing information about the culture of those countries.

Eat Well Dining Set

It is a dining set with a flatware, bowls, cups, and a proper tray. This type of dining set is designed for the elderly people who has limited limb movements and for those people who have Alzheimer’s disease. The cups and bowls come in high contrast yellow, blue and red colors, these colors stimulate appetite in the people who has Alzheimer’s disease. These colors are given because the Alzheimer patient’s face problem in distinguishing tableware from food, this is also a reason that leads to less intake of food for the patient. The dining set has 21 exclusive features which make eating very easy for the elderly people. Some features are as follows, the bowls are usually blue in color as there are few foods which are blue in color so the food can be distinguished properly. The flatware and the bowl is curved at a specific angle that makes it easy to scoop up the food.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a voice activated digital assistant, which can interact with the user and can control different household appliances like smart lights, fans and many more things.  It is operated by the voice of the user, it follows the voice command for example; if the user commands to turn off the lights then it will follow the command and will do the job. It is good for the elderly people as it reduces the physical work done by them as most of the household work is done using voice command. Amazon has added 3000 skills in this device and still working on adding more. It can send text messages, emails, play games, the user can also ask the device to give a compliment, to read news, it can also give weather and traffic updates of a particular place. The best thing is that all the above mentioned actions are controlled by voice; hence it is the best device for any elderly person.

Active Protective

Active Protective is a Philadelphia based startup founded a technology entrepreneur and a trauma surgeon. It is a device with an airbag folded in a belt, this type of belt is invented to reduce the possibilities of fracturing the hips due to the consequence of falling down. Falls also leads to different kind of complications and reduces the quality of an individual’s life. A research has proved that one quarter of people in the world more than 65 years of age experience fall.  Among those people more than half are hospitalized due to hip fracture. The belt weighs almost two pounds; it has sensors fitted and deploys the air bag when the user falls down. It also gives an alert to the user at the moment of the fall.


Seniors with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s experience hand tremors and it becomes difficult for those people to eat, they tend to spill the food due to the hand tremors. The handle can be fitted with fork, spoon and soup spoon. The handle contains motion sensors and microprocessors which are programmed to calculate the movement of the handle itself to compensate the shaking of the hand, it means that the handle studies the shaking of the hand and provides counter movements with the handle so the food does not get spilled. The device comes with a storage pouch and a charger so that the user can carry and use it anywhere he or she wants.